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How Grease Interceptors Are Used In Commercial Kitchens

grease in pipeOne of the byproducts of the operations of large-scale commercial food operations is liquid food waste. This waste includes animal and vegetable fats, oils, and grease, collectively known by the acronym “FOG” (Fats,Oils & Grease). Left untreated, these FOG drain into the municipal sewer system, where overtime they accumulate and eventually cause massive sewer backups. These backups damage public infrastructure and are both expensive and time consuming to repair. Untreated restaurant discharge, also known as effluent, can also cause problems in municipal wastewater treatment facilities.

Because of this, the Environmental Protection Agency mandates the pretreatment of liquid waste discharge into municipal sewer systems. The goal is to remove FOG from the effluent in order to keep the sewer lines unimpeded and flowing freely. Grease removal systems, which include grease interceptors and grease traps, are used for this purpose.

Grease interceptors are installed after the various kitchen drains but ahead of the sewer lines. The contents of the drains collect in the grease interceptor. As long as they are not emulsified, FOG do not mix well with water. Being heavier than water, they separate and float to the surface, where they accumulate and are periodically removed by a skimmer. The FOG-free wastewater is then discharged into the sewer system. The accumulated grease can be recycled for use as biodiesel fuel.

Fiberglass grease storage container

Fiberglass grease storage container

Grease interceptors can be adapted for installation in a variety of situations. A high water table may precipitate the need for outdoor installation. On the other hand, limited outdoor space may require the interceptor to be installed below the sewer system, with the addition of a pump system to pump the water to the sewer. Tanks Direct furnishes both fiberglass underground systems and aboveground stainless steel units installed which are installed inside buildings.


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A stainless steel grease interceptor.

A stainless steel grease interceptor.



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