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If you have an old storage tank that is approaching the end of its life, you need a licensed storage tank tank removal company in Delaware. Tanks Direct helps facility owners remove old storage tanks in accordance with regulations in order to properly dispose of tanks that are no longer usable.

Storage Tank Removal in Delaware

Improvements in storage tank technology have added many years to the lifespans of storage tank. New fiberglass designs are extremely durable and corrosion resistant, and are designed to provide many years of quality service. However, the lifespan of a storage tank is still finite, and sooner or later it will need to be replaced. This is not a job that you can do yourself, and it’s also not a job that you should higher just anyone to do. You need a licensed company for storage tank removal in Delaware.

So why might you to remove a storage tank? There are a number of reasons.


Leaking storage tanks may have damage that is too great to repair. Corrosion is the cause of many leaks, and in addition to removing the tank, you will most likely be required to do environmental remediation. Tanks Direct can remove your leaking storage tank in Delaware.

It Doesn’t Meet Regulations

As regulations change, older tanks might not make it under the cutoff line. In order not to be found in violation of regulations, you may have to remove an old storage tank that no longer meets state, federal, or local regulations concerning storage tanks.


You may want to consider removing a storage tank that is old as a preventative measure to ensure it does not develop a leak.

Closing of the Facility

If the facility on which the tank is located is being sold or is closing, any storage tanks on the property may need to be removed. Federal and state regulations give guidelines as to whether or not the storage tank needs to be removed.

For all of your storage tank removal needs in Delaware, you can trust Tanks Direct.

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