Storage Tank Removal Requires the Help of Experts

There are many reasons why an underground or aboveground storage tank may need to be removed. Perhaps a facility is changing ownership and local regulations require removal of old storage tanks. Or perhaps an underground tank has sprung a leak and must be replaced. No matter the reason for removal, it is a delicate process that requires skill and expertise to complete properly. At Tanks Direct, we have extensive experience with underground and aboveground storage tank removal and can get the job done correctly and efficiently. Learn more, below.

storage tank removal

Storage tank removal is delicate business.

Storage Tank Removal Requires the Help of Experts

Why would an underground storage tank need to be removed?

Some of the most common reasons an underground or aboveground storage tank may need to be removed include:


  • Transfer of ownership. When an industrial facility, gas station, or other property with a storage tank is being sold to a new owner, local regulations often require that storage tanks are removed before the sale can be completed.
  • Defective or leaking tank. When an underground storage tank springs a leak or otherwise becomes damaged, it is important that it is removed properly to avoid soil contamination. When soil is allowed to become contaminated, it is incredibly costly to clean it according to EPA standards so when a tank is unable to be repaired, it is important that it be removed as quickly as possible.
  • Tank replacement. Underground and aboveground storage tank technology is constantly evolving and there are many reasons why a facility owner may be interested in upgrading to a newer model. When a new tank needs to be installed, the old tank must first be carefully removed by a trusted expert.
  • Facility closure. Depending on local regulations, it may be necessary to remove underground storage tanks when a facility closes.


Trust Tanks Direct for your tank removal needs

At Tanks Direct, we are licensed to perform tank removal services in many states. In addition to tank removal, we can also test and dispose of contaminated soil, remove and dispose of both underground and aboveground storage tanks, and perform dewatering and shoring services. If you have a storage tank that requires expert removal, contact Tanks Direct today.


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