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Our mission as a full-service tank supplier and distributor is to be your FIRST CHOICE when you need storage tank service and solutions for petroleum, water, and chemical products. We will work to earn your confidence so that you will join our loyal customer base. We hope that you will contact us today at one of the locations listed below, or simply fill out our E-Quote Form to find out how we can help you complete your storage tank project.

US Mail:
Tanks Direct
8580 Laureldale Drive
Laurel, MD 20724

Toll-Free: 800-865-5555
Local: 301-317-6000
Fax: 301-317-8265
General Email: [email protected]
Service Email: [email protected]


Job Title Name Contact
Paul Robertson President Paul Robertson [email protected]
Joel Nicchitta Vice President Joel Nicchitta [email protected]

(301) 323-1310

Jeff Shultz General Manager Jeff Shultz [email protected]

(301) 323-1308

Kurt Utz Construction Manager Kurt Utz [email protected]

(301) 323-1304

Sales, Estimating, and Marketing
Paul Cunningham Senior Sales Estimator Paul Cunningham [email protected]

(301) 323-1309

Jason Rothenhoefer Sales Engineer Jason Rothenhoefer [email protected]

(301) 323-1307

Caleb Middlestetter Sales Engineer Caleb Middlestetter [email protected]

(301) 323-1320

John Massey Outside Sales- Stormwater Division John Massey [email protected]

(301) 957-1372

John Coombe Bid Coordinator John Coombe [email protected]

(301) 323-1320

Maria N. Business Development Maria Nicchitta [email protected]

(301) 356-6797

Shanna Cronin Marketing Coordinator Shanna Cronin [email protected]

(301) 317-6000 x 140

Project Management
Kristopher Funk Project Manager Kristopher Funk [email protected]

(301) 323-1306

Eileen Grant Project Manager Eileen Grant [email protected]

(301) 323-1306

Project Manager Larry “Trey” Henry, III [email protected]

(301) 323-1306

Joey Cover Assistant Project Manager Joey Cover [email protected]

(301) 828-6422

Nicole Hommel Accounting Manager/Human Resources Nicole Hommel [email protected]

(301) 323-1303

Lisa Christie Accounting Assistant/Credit Manager Lisa Christie [email protected]

(301) 323-1315

Amy Rosario Service Project Coordinator Amy Rosario [email protected]

(301) 323-1318

Dave Ory Superintendent Dave Ory [email protected]
Jonathan Baker Superintendent Jonathan Baker [email protected]
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