30,000-gallon ZCL|Xerxes

Project Name: Hoff Farm

Location: New Windsor, Maryland

Tank Type/Application: Fire Suppression

Project Description:
Tanks Direct went down on the farm to supply a 30,000-gallon ZCL|Xerxes single-wall fiberglass underground water tank. Completed Spring 2019 | Installation: Stambaugh’s Inc.

Tanks Direct recently supplied a 30,000-gallon tank for Hoff Farm in New Windsor, Maryland. Hoff Farm is known for producing high quality, nutritious milk. The site, which sits on a watershed that feeds into the Chesapeake Bay, wanted to make sure they were ready if a fire were to start. By installing a ZCL|Xerxes underground fiberglass storage tank, the farm and their livestock will be protected for decades to come.

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