Tank Removal & Replacement – 1,000-Gallon Fuel Storage

Project Name: Fuel Storage Tank Removal & Replacement

Location: Thurmont, Maryland

Tank Type/Application: Fuel Storage

After a decade of being in the ground, this facility found issues with its existing underground storage tank. If left alone, the tank could continue to deteriorate and seep the fuel contents into the ground.

Tanks Direct determined the original tank was not salvageable. With this information, the best solution would be to remove the existing system and replace the storage tank with a steel aboveground Fireguard tank and new accessories.

The old 600-gallon cement tank and 150-gallon day tank were drained of their contents and removed from the location. Next, the new 1,000-gallon UL2085 Highland Fireguard steel tank was delivered and installed; our team completed the project with new Veeder Root tank monitoring equipment and trained the facility staff to care for their new fuel storage system.

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