ODOT Maintenance Facility

Project Name: ODOT Maintenance Facility

Location: Woodsfield, Ohio

Tank Type/Application: Fire Suppression

Tank Size(s): 40,000-gallon Highland

Project Description:
A Ohio Department of Transportation maintenance facility recently
was equipped with a larger than life 40,000-gallon tank used for fire suppression.

Tanks Direct began working with Beaver Construction to provide the Ohio Department of
Transportation a fire suppression storage solution in the Spring of 2018.
This project features a 40,000-gallon Highland aboveground storage tank with a diameter
of 12 feet and a staggering length of over 47 feet. The accessories for this tank include a
Pneumercator console that acts as a level alarm system used to automatically refill the
tank, per the NFPA 22 requirements.

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