Underground Fiberglass Fuel Storage Tank – Architect of the Capitol

Owner: Architect of the Capitol

Project Location: Washington, DC

Project Description:

Tanks Direct was contracted to design, supply and install a new underground E‐85 fuel storage tank and dispensing system as well as repairs associated with an existing diesel fuel dispensing system. Highlights of the project included:

  • Engineered project drawings and specifications
  • 10,000 gallon Xerxes underground double wall fiberglass E‐85 fuel storage tank
  • Two (2) E‐85 fuel dispensers with alternative fluids dispensing accessories
  • New underground transfer pumps and supply piping
  • Tank level monitoring system with leak detection
  • Fleet management system
  • Modifications/repairs to existing dispensing system to secure code compliance
  • New 550 gallon underground steel oil water separator
  • Site work, concrete and asphalt as necessary to restore grade

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